Silver Linings

Are there really "silver linings" in the darkest of clouds? The pandemic gives us a chance to practice finding "good" in "bad".  We are not pretending that bad is good. We are certain that good is right in the midst of bad. And if you doubt that great good can be found in great bad, think "Holy Week"! 🙂

We learn great lessons in the valleys of life - and enjoy the fruit on the next mountaintop - Ken Fletcher

When you sense you have found a silver lining … come back here and add your wisdom to our list!
  • I discovered that I am not fearful. What a joy to know.
  • Ten or less ladies meet at our church every Thursday, masked and gloved, to prepare a meal for about 75 people at the homeless mission. Also, several families in our church receive meals. It is a blessing and a good time of fellowship.
  • 2 hour spiritual discussion with wife on front porch
  • Beginning to recognize the various languages of birds - it's loud out there!
  • Nature and sunshine are healers - I have been getting more of both
  • I have never learned major life  lessons on mountaintops - always learned lessons in valleys - I'm learning lessons in the Corona Valley that will make the next mountaintop better.
  • We sense the life of our grandparents - this is the way they lived without a pandemic virus.
  • I don't feel so antsy all the time - much more peaceful
  • My neighbor had never studied Ezekiel … now getting up in at 3 each morning to read it.
  • Walking neighbors stopped at end of sidewalk, getting sunshine. We visited at 20 feet for a half-hour - never visited in the neighborhood before. They prayed for us before they left.
  • I find myself greeting everyone that is within eye or voice (6 feet) - pre-pandemic, might not even say hi or give eye contact.

A Silver Lining "QuaranTUNE  Concert"

Featuring Ken Fletcher and Tyler Holloway

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