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Our Story:

The year is 1976 and I am finishing 2 college majors in 6 years - business and music.

The year is 1977 and I ask Karen if she will be my bride! She says yes and we say “I do”. The journey begins.

The year is 1978 and Providence helps choose music over business and our local group moves to Nashville to be among the very first contemporary Christian music groups in America.

The year is 1980 and we are winding up our music career in Nashville, TN. Just 3 years on the road and Karen and I both know we do not want to live in a house with wheels! Buses, Planes, Motorhomes and Trains have taken us to lots of places where we encouraged lots of lives,had  lots of fun, and lots of memories ... but ... time to move on!

The year is 1981 and Providence is busy again. Back to my first love - business. HE knew that without the “Nashville” years, I would have always wondered, so ... we now join a growing company committed to helping clients with life insurance and mutual funds. I am young - so are my clients. If I die now, my family loses my income, so I purchase HUGE amounts of life insurance to protect them and then begin to invest in case I live! Simple Plan!

The year is 1997 and I go to Providence to ask for a new assignment. The world of big business and allegiance to one company instead of loyalty to my clients alone has taken its toll and I want OUT! During a 4-day fast to find clarity, I was introduced to the independent world of financial planning where I could hire and fire companies who did not have my clients best interest at heart, and where I could not be fired for putting them first! . I quit and start over! Fear and Dread is replaced with hope and opportunity. I see and feel nothing ... but BLUE SKY!

The year is 2001 and 18 evil men fly planes into buildings, killing over 3000 innocent Americans. The financial markets remind us of Jerry Lee Lewis’ famous song, causing millions of investors to lose over half of their fortunes. My hair is no longer dark, neither is my clients … I should have seen this coming! We begin to turn our ship in the direction of safety and guarantees. For monies not needing guarantees, I began to look for someone with very white hair who can manage money through the volatility and uncertainties unfolding in this 21st century. WE FOUND Chris Bertleson in Sarasota, Florida! His hair is very white – this is NOT his first rodeo! For over 14 years, he has managed money without even ONE calendar year loss! We hire him as our Chief Investment Officer! We breathe!

The year is 2008 – Evil men sit behind closed doors offer mortgages to every one … especially if you cannot afford one! This time, it is the entire world financial system that goes to its knees. Our clients hold their positions – no catastrophes! Ship Turned – the Golden Years of Fletcher Financial Group emerge just in time to help our clients TO and THROUGH their golden years. I never knew owning a business could be this much fun!

The year is now – Providence, my prayer is … please let this be our last job. I see no need to fully retire … there is nothing I could do more fun and fulfilling that helping my clients enjoy their golden years while watching their success. My success is generated by their success. How can it get any better than this! Karen and I will travel and enjoy grandchildren during this season of our life, but part of our joy will be watching our clients enjoy theirs!

The day is today – Peace!

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