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Title XIX compliant insurance strategies offered through legal reserve insurance companies.
Advisory services offered through Fletcher Financial Group, a state registered investment advisor.
This brief set of questions will help determine if you may have made decisions in the past without a critical fact or
discussion or made a decision based on opinions, a myth, or misconception. Relax, be honest with yourself and enjoy.
Yes__No__ 1. If there was a missing fact, myth or misconception costing you money now or in your future, would
you want to know about it before making your financial decisions?
Yes__No__ 2. If you are currently affected by phantom income taxation, would you like to learn how to reduce or
stop this optional tax?
Yes__No__ 3. Do you agree that you should quantify all fees and charges in your portfolio so you know the true
amount that is being spent, including any unknown and/or undisclosed fees?
Yes__No__ 4. In the past, have you made financial decisions without a comprehensive review of taxes, income
needs and risk comfort level and thus, missing facts could be affecting your current financial plans?
Yes__No__ 5. Would you like to know the 5 critical questions to ask your financial advisors to make sure their
recommendations are in your best interest?
Yes__No__ 6. Would you like to know about Tax Advantaged Payout and how you might enjoy your money in a
more tax advantaged way and perhaps even increase your income?
Yes__No__ 7. Do you have an investment loss in your IRA that you cannot deduct?
Yes__No__ 8. Would you agree that you would want to know if there were items not covered by your Will and
Living Trust that could potentially save significant dollars for you and your heirs?
Yes__No__ 9. Would you want to know if you have purchased or avoided investments like REITs, Variable or Fixed
Annuities, or Limited Partnerships perhaps based on misinformation or misconceptions?
Yes__No__ 10. Would you like to take control and find the money falling through the cracks in your current plans so
you can use that money however you’d like?
Answering yes to one or more questions is a good indicator that our 3-Step Review may be able to identify significant
tax savings, increase your income, lower investment costs and/or risk exposure. We find money falling through cracks
– you decide where to save or spend it! Call 387-8918 and request the free consultation.
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