Our business was founded in 1981. Having traveled through a maze of economic challenges and changes, our
striving to maintain a focus on God and family has provided a firm foundation for the journey. We have never
forgotten that our goals can only become reality by first helping clients and friends achieve their goals.
Through every decade, my goal has been to offer a demonstratively different experience for our clients. Our reward
is a growing family of loyal clients who become our friends and refer their friends. It is humbling and a privilege to
serve patriots in their autumn and winter seasons of life. They enjoy their wealth with a grateful and open hand,
and then pass it to family, church, and charity. They transfer their values, too.
So, what makes us different? Our caring staff? Our 3-Step Review process?
Our passion? A100-year old office with a touch of Perry Mason? Yes, and more!
It all starts with two logical questions that set the stage for sound planning.
The questions are not rhetorical. Correct answers are critical. Turn the page
now and begin to discover ... what makes our firm different!
Ken Fletcher
| Fletcher Financial Group
A PERSONAL NOTE FROM KEN ­- What makes our firm different?
for living for legacy
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